2022 Patentamt Annual Report

Do this! Don't do that!

On one shoulder the optimistic little angel is sitting, on the other one the destructive devil, and both give contradictory advice. Do you know this feeling of being torn? "Torn" is also the piece of art by Julian Kadrnoschka, a student at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. If you keep scrolling on this page, bad advice flies at you on one side and good advice on the other. Schematic, interchangeable and all too familiar. It will not be difficult for you to distinguish. And you already know which side the Austrian Patent Office is on anyway.


Watch out whose advice
you‘re gonna take.

If that was any good,
somebody would‘ve
already invented it
by now.

Step up to the plate,
  take the driver‘s seat.

Personal words

Mariana Karepova

We do our best to ensure that all researchers, inventors and creative people in Austria receive the best protection for their innovations. Everyone, including newcomers, start-ups and medium-sized and small enterprises. We have noticed: While our ranking leaders have continued to grow during the crisis and the start-ups are also doing well, the applications of newcomers have declined. And: All also means all genders. Women need to be much more involved in patenting, because for 30 years, only 8% of patenting has been done by women - that is a complete no-go. We are working hard to make women more visible in the teams and to give them a chance to be named in patents and to establish industry contacts when they do research at universities.

Leonore Gewessler

Austria is a country of great inventors. We invest more than almost any other country in the EU in research, technology and innovation. We are in third place in Europe when it comes to spending on research and development. And we are far ahead when it comes to protecting these innovations. With 10,816 patents filed by Austrians, we are in 11th place worldwide.

I am particularly pleased that Austrian inventors are researching technologies of the future, things that will bring us forward in the most important areas: Energy, climate, health, digital. Here, we rank eighth in the EU. 

Hurry up! Kick off your
advertising, marketing,
PR campaigns… deliver
your pitches! Chop-chop!

First stop: the APO.
Next stop: the public.

The Artwork

"The good and the bad advisor"

The good and the bad advisor, two sides, represented by a bistable image. Faces speaking from the left and from the right, whispering or calling out to you. The space in between resembles a river that sometimes sways wider, sometimes narrower, sometimes in one direction and sometimes in the other, and also stands in for the viewer himself.
The balance that the two sides maintain is constantly different.

The print on the whole sheet of paper is divided by tearing into fourteen different editions, in which the weighting is always a little different. The editions, which are printed and also distributed, are screen-printed and torn by hand, numbered 185 each, signed and marked with a Roman numeral to indicate their place in the whole sheet.

Julian Kadrnoschka studies at the class for graphic arts and printmaking at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

„Patents are
  for the weak.“

- Elon Musk

File first,
 tweet later.

From the field: Start-up Lignovations

Goodbye to problematic ingredients in cosmetics!

With its colloidal lignin particles obtained from lignified biomass, Lignovations offers a healthier alternative for the environment and humans. With the help of their patented process, the start-up from Klosterneuburg in Lower Austria produces multifunctional particles suitable for industrial use in a variety of end products such as sun creams, varnishes, paints, wood protection, packaging and functional textiles.

Angela Miltner, COO of Lignovations: "Until now, lignin was mainly burnt. With our process, it should replace synthetic ingredients in cosmetics. The discover.ip service, which the Austrian Patent Office offers in cooperation with the Austria Wirtschaftservice (aws) free of charge to technology-oriented SMEs like Lignovations has helped us to also secure our ideas with two more word marks and another patent.”

Use the APO as your
stepping stone to Europe
and the whole world.

Innovative into the future

Technologies of the future

The government's funding strategy is bearing fruit: Austria continues to grow strongly in future technologies. We are in 8th place in the EU in this area. Particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics and drones, a lot of patents are being filed in this country.

We owe this impressive increase in performance to our industrial flagship programmes Production of the Future, ICT of the Future, but also to the research work in the relevant COMET centres such as the Austrian Center for Digital Production, the Linz Center of Mechatronics or Pro2Future - Products and Production Systems of the Future".


Industry 4.0

In the practical implementation of the 4th industrial revolution, patent applications have more than tripled since 2010. In some areas, such as energy-saving technologies, data management and robotics, patent applications from Austria have increased six-fold since 2010.

What steam was for the 1st industrial revolution, data is for Industry 4.0. Everything revolves around data: 3D systems, IT hardware and software, connectivity (networking), AI, digital technologies in every area of life... smart homes, industrial robots, drones, data security systems, etc.


Just chill!
You can always
do that later on.

There‘s no time like
the present. Filing your
trademark application
just takes a few minutes,
so do it right now.

Women and technology
don't go together.

"Women and technology don't go together."

Of course, we know that this is not true. However, doubts are raised if we look at the patent applications from Austria and compare them with other countries. According to a study by the European Patent Office, Austria brings up the rear in Europe - with only 8% of patenting done by women. No matter whether in typical male industries, in which Austria patents a lot (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering), or industries with higher female participation (biotech, pharmaceuticals): Austria is below average in female patents everywhere. Women patent more everywhere in the north, west or south than in German-speaking countries. Leading: Latvia (30.6%) is ahead of Portugal (26.8%) and Croatia (25.8%).

The IP Academy of the Patent Office will therefore offer special IP seminars for women, which will not only create awareness for intellectual property but also provide a platform for networking among female researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs.

Patents — only pain,
no gain.

Our expertise is
for all and for free.

„What costs nothing is worth nothing!“ -

allegedly said the most famous patent office employee of all time, Albert Einstein. We say: "Fake news" because our seminars are mostly free of cost and very valuable for all those who want to get into business with their ideas. Seminars and workshops in our IP Academy are available for all levels and you can learn pretty much everything there is to know about intellectual property protection.

IP Academy

From the field: Start-up Syncraft

A power plant powered by negative emission technology!

What sounds like a utopian fantasy is something SynCraft proudly pins to its banners. The Tyrolean start-up has patented a technology that thermochemically transforms wood waste from forestry and sawmills into gas. In this way, in addition to electricity and heat, charcoal is also produced, which can be used as soil fertilizer or barbecue charcoal. This not only pleases consumers who are striving for more independence from energy imports, but also the climate, because CO2 is permanently bound in the charcoal. SynCraft power plants can be found in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy and even in Japan. The Tyrolean start-up also wants to get to grips with concrete, which is harmful to the climate. As initial test series have already shown, the material SynCraft calls climate concrete is in no way inferior to its conventional counterpart in terms of compressive strength and surface properties.

Marcel Huber, founder of SynCraft: "We took advantage of the patent voucher several times and patented the fixed-bed reactors we developed as well as a number of technical refinements around our reverse power plant. Thus, we felt confident to enter the markets of our choice."

Forget this, protecting
  will only complicate

With the right kind of
support, it‘s way easier
than it seems.

For students, there's also a free coach on top.

Our IP buddies guide students through the jungle of patent, trademark and design protection and check whether, for example, a diploma thesis might even contain a patent. Free of charge and 100% confidential. 

IP Buddy


This is how much passed through our hands in 2022


Inventions in total

(13.071 the previous year)




Invention applications

(2.480 the previous year)



Trademark applications

(6.458 the previous year)



Design applications

(400 the previous year)




Invention services


Trademark services

Inventions in detail

  • 2.231

    inventions were filed at the Austrian Patent Office in 2022.

  • 1.539

    inventions we have granted in 2022.

  • 12.128

    inventions are in force at the Austrian Patent Office.

  • 10.816

    inventions were applied for by Austrians worldwide.

Top inventors 2022

  • 189
    AVL List GmbH
  • 79
    Julius Blum GmbH
  • 26
    Engel Austria GmbH
  • 26
    Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH
  • 22
    Technische Universität Wien
  • 20
    GS Gruber-Schmidt GmbH
  • 19
    TGW Logistic Group GmbH
  • 17
    Trumpf Maschinen Austria GmbH & Co. KG.
  • 16
    Fill GmbH
  • 15
    Plasser & Theurer, Export von Bahnbaumaschinen, GmbH

Trademarks in detail

  • 4.998

    trademarks were filed at the Austrian Patent Office in 2022.

  • 4.564

    trademarks were registered in 2022.

  • 98.131

    trademarks are in force at the Austrian Patent Office.

  • 621

    trademarks we have checked for their uniqueness.

Designs in detail

  • 345

    designs were filed at the Austrian Patent Office in 2022.

  • 315

    designs were registered in 2022.

  • 6.925

    designs are in force at the Austrian Patent Office.


In 2022, Austrians filed a total of 1 912 inventions, 4 455 trademarks and 299 designs. Selecting the federal province gives detailed facts for the individual regions. Upper Austria leads the ranking for inventions with 470 applications. If invention applications are counted by population, the chance of meeting an inventor is highest in Vorarlberg. 


  • Applications

    28 Patents
    11 Utility models
    172 Trademarks
    1 Design

  • Top invention applicant

    Melecs EWS GmbH (3 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Trummer Frucht GmbH (12 applications)


  • Applications

    57 Patents
    23 Utility models
    220 Trademarks
    21 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    Karl Werner Strasser (3 applications)
    K-Uni Kunststoffproduktions- und Handels GmbH (3 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    BKG Bestattung Kärnten GmbH (8 applications)

Lower Austria

  • Applications

    187 Patente
    14 Gebrauchsmuster
    671 Marken
    26 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    Astotec Automotive GmbH (11 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Containex Container-Handelsges.m.b.H. (19 applications)

Upper Austria

  • Applications

    441 Patents
    29 Utility models
    595 Trademarks
    27 Designs

  • Top invention applicants

    Engel Austria GmbH (25 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    GRT Beteiligung- und Liegenschaftsverwaltung GmbH (20 application)


  • Applications

    77 Patents
    17 Utility models
    349 Trademarks
    28 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    Hans Georg Hagleitner (8 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Biogena GmbH & Co KG. (24 applications)


  • Applications

    403 Patents
    33 Utility models
    536 Trademarks
    19 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    AVL List GmbH (189 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Grossauser Holding GmbH (13 applications)


  • Applications

    67 Patents
    17 Utility models
    281 Trademarks
    72 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    Tyrolit - Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG (4 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Lebensraum Tirol Holding GmbH (4 applications)
    Handl Tyrol GmbH (4 applications)
    Tourismusverband Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann i.T.-Oberndorf-Kirchdorf-Erpfendorf (4 applications)


  • Applications

    132 Patents
    31 Utility models
    172 Trademarks
    1 Design

  • Top invention applicant

    Julius Blum GmbH (69 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Zumtobel Group AG (6 applications)


  • Applications

    318 Patents
    27 Utility models
    1.459 Trademarks
    104 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH (25 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Österreichische Lotterien GmbH (25 applications)

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